Where did Q2 go?!?

It feels like March through today have been a complete BLUR! The COVID-19 pandemic certainly took over many of our lives and it impacted everything, including Amazon reseller sales. It seems like things are starting to normalize, even with the continued roller coaster ride we currently seem to be on. From toilet paper to Lysol disinfectant spray, local brick and mortar retail shelves were empty and online pricing and sales seemed to be going through the roof. We quickly noticed that Amazon stepped in and began blocking and restricting resellers that had never sold personal protective equipment (PPE) on their page in the past. While this was a great move on their part, it put a halt on any new items going into Amazon’s distribution centers and dramatically impacted reseller sales.

Amazon’s move to quickly address price gouging, especially for pandemic supplies, made perfect sense to protect the brand and the reseller network. Some might argue that demand drove the prices up, but some of the prices for hand sanitizer, Lysol and toilet paper were quickly looking like a really unfair joke to the regular consumer. They also stopped all non-essential items from shipping into their facilities and redirected all of their effort to moving essential items to the consumer as quickly as possible. Kudos to Amazon for analyzing the supply chain and redirecting their efforts towards PPE. Sure, it took a little longer to get to you, but for many it felt better than taking a risk out in public.

Now that Amazon is beginning to lift restrictions, like many of you, we are excited to get back into reseller mode! So with that, we begin to focus on Q3 and Q4, but what should I be looking to add to my store? Summer outdoor gear might be a quick solution during this crisis. Many of us will be partying in our backyards grilling and enjoying the summer heat. Look for water balloons, water guns, floats and noodles (if you have a pool) to fill your store. As we move into Fall, look for “harvest” themed products and Back-To-School items that might help parents who are uncertain how the school year will roll out. All the while, seek out Black Friday deals that will be a hit for the holiday season. There is still plenty of time to make up for the lull in sales due to the pandemic crisis, so stay at it and keep looking for great deals!

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