Become Friends with Seller Central

If you plan on jumping into the Amazon reseller world, take the time to educate yourself! Amazon has a plethora training tools, videos and forums to help you navigate the wonderful world of Amazon. There isn’t a test at the end, so you really have to commit to putting in the time so that you can make the most out of your investment. Don’t sit there an try to educate yourself in one weekend, take your time and focus on the topics that will get you started. The best part of Amazon’s resources is that they are always available, so when you hit a brick wall, go to their help section and troubleshoot that specific issue.

Yes, there will be issues. From trying to fix a product page to understanding why Amazon randomly transfers your inventory, the help section has an answer to help you understand their process. You can also speak directly with Amazon, but that communication happens via email and is not always the fastest way to resolve a problem. I tend to search the Seller Forums to see if any of my peers are or have experienced my current issue. Many times there is someone out there with the same issue and I am able to resolve mine by following their steps.

There is a lot of helpful information in the Amazon portal and they’ve done a great job of keeping important links handy. Ranking and reviews are very important in the reseller world, so you want to ensure that your customer service is excellent. Amazon tracks your response rate and wants to ensure that the customer experience is seamless, so be sure to follow the 24 hour rule with responding to inquiries and complaints. A good reseller may have some returns, just like brick & mortar stores, so keep the process simple and you’ll certainly get a good review. Just remember the most important thing is to stay up to date with Amazon’s policies and procedures, doing so will ensure you have a successful Amazon store.